6 Best Apps to Learn Japanese and Advance Your Language Skills in 2024


The pursuit of mastering Japanese has brought to light an array of digital tools, each offering unique approaches to language learning.
From interactive lessons to structured courses, here are the six standout apps that promise to enhance your proficiency in Japanese, catering to various learning preferences and needs.

Best for Short Lessons: Busuu

Busuu makes learning Japanese manageable even for those with packed schedules.
It breaks down lessons into short, daily sessions focusing on essential language skills including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
What distinguishes Busuu is its adaptability to your learning pace, providing a personalized experience that aligns with your specific goals.

Best for Immersive Learning: FluentU

FluentU takes a novel approach by using authentic Japanese videos, transforming them into learning modules.
This method immerses you in the language as it's naturally used, from street conversations to business meetings.
Interactive captions and quizzes turn watching videos into a dynamic learning process, significantly boosting your listening and comprehension skills.

Best for Structured Courses: LingoDeer

LingoDeer specializes in structured learning, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more classroom-like approach.
It offers comprehensive lessons that progress from simple phrases to complex dialogues, enriched with cultural insights.
This app not only teaches you Japanese but also deepens your appreciation of the cultural context behind the language.

Best for Audio-based Lessons: Pimsleur

Pimsleur is renowned for its effective audio-based lessons that utilize spaced repetition—a technique proven to enhance long-term retention of information.
This method is ideal for auditory learners and those who wish to improve their spoken Japanese conveniently, whether at home or on the move.

Best for Long-term Learning: Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is designed for dedicated learners aiming for fluency over time.
It covers all aspects of the Japanese language from beginner to advanced levels, integrating vocabulary, grammar, and interactive exercises.
Its comprehensive approach ensures a deep understanding and practical ability in Japanese.

Best Gamified App: Duolingo

Duolingo introduces an element of fun into language learning with its gamified structure.
It's particularly suited for beginners or those who prefer a lighter approach to learning.
Engaging mini-games and challenges make mastering Japanese enjoyable and addictive.

Interactive Learning with NativeCamp

For those looking to sharpen their conversational skills, NativeCamp offers an invaluable platform with its 24/7 access to live Japanese conversation lessons.
Engaging directly with native speakers helps to refine both your speaking and listening abilities, making it a perfect complement to any app-based learning.

Honorable Mentions: Japanese Apps for Specific Skills

For learners focusing on specific areas such as grammar or vocabulary, apps like Bunpo, Drops, Anki, HelloTalk, and Japanese Kanji Tree Pro provide targeted tools that cater to distinct needs.

How to Choose the Best App to Learn Japanese for You

Selecting the right app involves evaluating your current level, learning goals, and lifestyle.
Whether you're gearing up for the JLPT or seeking to enhance everyday conversational skills, the right app can significantly influence your learning trajectory.

Combining these apps can lead to a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience, enabling not just language mastery but also a deeper connection with Japanese culture.
Each app brings something unique to the table, ensuring that every learner can find something that resonates with their personal learning style and objectives.