Best Apps To Learn Japanese In 2024 (Native Speaker Opinion)


Japanese, a language steeped in cultural and historical significance, also serves as a vital asset in the global job market.
As interest in this language soars, the digital landscape has responded by introducing a plethora of apps tailored to various learning preferences and objectives.
This guide examines some of the top apps available for mastering Japanese, highlighting their unique features and the specific learning needs they address.

Comprehensive Japanese Course Apps

For beginners or those looking to bolster their existing skills, comprehensive course apps offer a structured learning experience akin to that of traditional classroom settings.
These apps generally encompass a broad spectrum of linguistic skills including grammar, vocabulary, and practical application.

Rocket Japanese

Rocket Japanese excels in delivering a deep, structured learning environment reminiscent of classroom education.
It thoroughly covers all facets of the language with dialogues, cultural notes, and interactive tests that help monitor your learning progress.


Mondly is notable for integrating AR and VR technologies, providing engaging and interactive learning sessions. This approach is particularly enticing for tech enthusiasts and beginners.


Designed for auditory learners, JapanesePod101 offers its lessons in podcast format.
This is especially beneficial for learners with variable schedules, focusing on enhancing listening skills and expanding vocabulary.

Mango Languages

Mango Japanese appeals to visual learners with its aesthetically pleasing interface and clear, concise language lessons that seamlessly incorporate cultural insights.


Busuu provides a comprehensive curriculum aimed at achieving fluency in conversation and grammar.
It is ideal for learners who prefer a structured pathway with clear milestones and achievements.

Interactive Learning with NativeCamp

NativeCamp offers exceptional flexibility for those wishing to improve their conversational Japanese.
It provides unlimited access to real-time conversations with native speakers, making it a crucial tool for applying theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Unique Features of NativeCamp:

Unlimited Access Allows for extensive practice without limitations.
Flexible Learning Adapts to any schedule, making it accessible at any time.
Diverse Content Offers materials suitable for all levels, from beginners to business professionals.

Specialized Japanese Learning Apps

For those concentrating on specific areas such as kanji reading or advanced grammar, specialized apps offer targeted practice.

Yomiwa and Waygo

These apps are invaluable for learners focused on reading and writing, using your device's camera to instantly translate text.

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

This app is a strong resource for grammar, providing clear explanations and practical examples.

Poro and FluentU

These apps enhance speaking and comprehension skills through interactive and context-based learning experiences that simulate real-life interactions.

Choosing the Best App for You

The choice of app should align with your learning objectives, preferred learning style, and available time commitment.
Whether you're preparing for the JLPT or simply wish to enjoy Japanese media without subtitles, there is an app specifically designed for your needs.
By combining various apps, learners can enjoy a holistic learning experience that spans all key language skills.

Integrating these diverse tools, along with the conversational practice offered by NativeCamp, enables learners to customize their journey in learning Japanese.
This not only boosts language proficiency but also deepens cultural understanding, rendering the learning process as enriching as it is educational.
With the right resources, mastering Japanese becomes a more accessible and enjoyable endeavor, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities.