83 Must-Know Japanese Travel Phrases For Your Next Trip To Japan


Preparing for a journey to Japan?
Embarking on this adventure with some basic Japanese phrases can transform your trip from a standard vacation into a rich cultural experience.
The Japanese language, with its three scripts—Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji—and intricate grammatical structures, may seem formidable, but learning a few crucial phrases can significantly enhance your ability to navigate through Japan and interact meaningfully with its people.

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Essential Japanese Phrases at the Airport

From the moment you land, being equipped with key Japanese phrases will make navigating through the airport much smoother.
Here are some essential terms:

Currency exchange "Ryougaejo" (両替所)
Toilet "Toire" (トイレ)
Customs "Zeikan" (税関)
Immigration "Nyuukoku shinsa" (入国審査)
Information desk "Sougou annaijo" (総合案内所)

Efficient Taxi Communication

If you prefer the convenience of a taxi over public transport, knowing how to communicate your destination and fare inquiries is crucial:

"Takushi" (タクシー) indicates a taxi.

"____ made onegaishimasu" (____までお願いします) is how you ask to be taken to a specific location.

"Ikura desu ka?" (いくらですか。) allows you to inquire about the cost.

Hotel Check-In Made Easy

Upon reaching your hotel, simplify your check-in process and settle in comfortably with these phrases:

"Chekku in wo onegaishimasu" (チェックインをお願いします) for checking in.

"Wi-Fi ga arimasu ka?" (WIFIがありますか。) to ask about Wi-Fi availability.

"Kagi" (鍵) for the key.

"Robii" (ロビー) for the lobby.

Dining and Shopping

While enjoying Japan's exquisite cuisine or shopping in its bustling markets, these phrases will be very helpful:

"Okaikei kudasai" (お会計ください) when you need the bill.

"Kore wa ikura des ka?" (これはいくらですか?) to inquire about the price of items.

Exploring and Experiencing Japan

As you explore the vibrant streets and historical sites of Japan, being able to greet and thank people is invaluable:

"Konnichiwa" (こんにちは) for a friendly hello.

"Arigatou gozaimasu" (ありがとうございます) to express thanks.

"Sumimasen" (すみません) to politely get attention or apologize.

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By mastering these phrases and utilizing resources like NativeCamp, your trip to Japan will be enriched. Whether you're navigating urban sprawls, savoring local dishes, or interacting with residents, a fundamental knowledge of Japanese will significantly enhance your travel experience, allowing you to create lasting memories of your time in Japan.