The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Learning Resources for Expatriate Families


For families living abroad, whether due to work commitments or international marriages, ensuring their children receive a robust Japanese language education can often pose unique challenges.
While enrolling in a Japanese supplementary school is a popular solution, availability may vary by location.
This guide offers an overview of top online resources and materials that allow children to learn Japanese at home, including educational websites and online services with video learning options.

Explore Top Websites for Japanese Learning

Delve into these four exceptional websites, each offering free access to a wealth of Japanese learning materials.
These resources cater to various learning needs and styles, so take the opportunity to explore each and find the best fit for your child's education journey.

Native Camp

Native Camp is renowned for its comprehensive online Japanese lessons.
The platform provides an extensive array of free learning materials covering daily conversations, grammar, JLPT preparation, and business Japanese.
A standout feature is the inclusion of English explanations, making the lessons accessible and engaging for children who might struggle with Japanese-only instructions.

This site offers over 7,000 free educational printables suitable for children from preschool through middle school.
The activities, which include mazes and coloring pages, align with the Japanese educational curriculum, offering a seamless learning experience akin to that of peers in Japan.

Nihongo Work

Developed by a licensed psychologist, Nihongo Work offers high-quality, systematic Japanese learning free of charge.
It's an ideal resource for comprehensive language study, from character recognition to conversational skills, all presented in an engaging, colorful format.

Chibi Mus Drill

Chibi Mus Drill provides a broad range of educational materials from preschool to junior high.
By registering, users can track their progress and access historical data on completed activities.
The site also features educational posters on subjects like kanji origins, enhancing deeper understanding and retention.

Incorporating Japanese Through Media

Beyond traditional learning sites, incorporating Japanese through anime and movies can be highly effective, especially for visual and auditory learners.
Here are platforms to enrich your child's exposure to Japanese:


Offers a plethora of free content, showcasing contemporary language use and cultural insights, ideal for understanding modern Japanese life.

Amazon Prime

With its vast library of anime and dramas, it offers an immersive language learning tool.
For children hesitant about Japanese, the "Subtitles for Language Learning (Prime Video)" Chrome extension can display English subtitles to aid comprehension.


A subscription provides unlimited access to a diverse collection of anime suitable for all ages.
The "Language Learning with Netflix" Chrome extension is a useful tool for adjusting subtitle settings to support language learning.

Considerations for Using Video Services

While video services are engaging and can significantly enhance language acquisition, parents should be aware of potential drawbacks like exposure to inappropriate content and the impact of prolonged viewing on health and other activities.
Monitoring and managing viewing habits is essential to maximize benefits while mitigating risks.

Effective Use of Free Learning Printables

When utilizing free learning printables, pay close attention to the fonts used, as variations in character appearance can confuse learners new to Japanese.
Ensuring that materials use standard fonts and are supplemented with spoken practice can help prepare your child for a smooth transition into the Japanese educational system if repatriation is planned.

Comprehensive Online Japanese Lessons

For families aiming to thoroughly enhance their children's Japanese skills from abroad, online lessons offer a balanced approach to developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
Native Camp, known for its affordability and flexibility, allows for unlimited, reservation-free lessons accessible globally—ideal for consistent and comprehensive language learning.



Whether your child prefers structured lessons or learning through engaging media, these resources and tips can significantly bolster their Japanese language skills, ensuring they remain connected to their cultural roots while thriving in an international environment.