Benjamin's son called him at his law firm while he was busy having a meeting.

Benjamin "What did my son say?"

Secretary "He said he had been calling you on your cell phone to discuss the budget."

Benjamin "Budget!? The last time I talked to him, he said he had declined the timely offer to work for his uncle's enterprise. I wonder what budget he's talking about. Did he say anything about the document?"

Secretary "Yes, Sir. He said he had already shipped a package including his birth certificate as you told him. Oh! And he also mentioned that he would be in town the following week so he would like to have lunch with us."

Benjamin "Us? Who is "us" ?"

Secretary "Sir somehow, I was invited, too."

Benjamin "Let me guess, he told you that you would have to come and join us in order to make the discussion peaceful and smooth like butter, didn't he?"

Secretary "Not that exactly, but it might have been something like that."

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何故、BenjaminさんはSecretaryも参加したら、話がスムーズに進むから、あなたを誘ったのだろう と言ったのでしょうか?

私なりの憶測なのですが、女性が来た方が華があるので、話がスムーズに進む という事なのでしょうか?

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