Do you think writing skill is more important than speaking skill ?
>>>I always notice too many grammatical mistakes in my writing English. Should I write them to the teacher for correcting?

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16/08/03 (水) 00:58

In my opinion, actually writing skill is as important as speaking skill. If you have no skill to write something, you might be difficult to speak. Needless to say, English is not our mother tongue, so we might have a lot of errors and mistakes while we write or speak in English. As for me, I read some English articles on the Internet and write some kind of essay about it before taking a class on Native Camp, and then take a class to open my mouth. Teachers can have your writings corrected.

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16/08/03 (水) 17:32

ri** さん:It's very useful advice~ I will try to prepare some writing before join the class, when I want to check some English sentences.

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16/09/01 (木) 06:40

Despite that the answer should be up to you, it can be said that speaking or listening is carried out for many purposes other than writing the language itself.

For some time in language teaching, it has been conventional to teach writing skills as being of primary importance, regarding speaking skills to be less important although it is known that oral skills and aural skills cannot be separated from each other.

Language teachers should encourage students to predict, to tolerate ambiguity and to link ideas so that they stop dwelling on isolated words often not vital for comprehension.

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Sentences composed of simple words only are just childish. I wonder if you could understand the difference. (≧∇≦)

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