文法の32の Short Conversationについての質問です。

It seems like Daniel and Olivia are distracted by the street noises this evening.

Olivia What's the matter? You are thinking about something, aren't you?

Daniel Yeah, I am. How do you know that?

Olivia You always rub your jaw when you think.

Daniel Really? I guess you are right.
I've been trying to think, but it's kind of too loud to think.
Would you mind me closing the windows?

Olivia No, not at all. I can't stand that noise either. I wonder what they are attracted by. We don't have many college kids in our neighborhood.

Daniel Maybe they are attracted by the holiday lights you put on the balcony and roof. Kids and bugs always love shiny things. Hahaha.

ここで、Olivia が言った
「We don't have many college kids in our neighborhood. 」という意味があまり分かりません。
近所に、そんな大学生はいないよ。という意味でしょうか? 大学生自体は少ないけど、イルミネーションに群がってきて 外がうるさくなった ということでしょうか?

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「きみが設置したholiday lightsに引き寄せられてきたんじゃない。子どもとムシはいつも光るものが好きだからね。ハハハ」

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