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  • 2016-04-02

    I'm sorry I was late to reply you ! Thanks teacher, I'm always able to talk about business with you♪ I'm looking forward to discussing new business methods again♪ Have a good your trip as well! See you again soon!

  • 2016-03-29

    Thank you for your lesson.
    I had really fun time with you and so glad to meet you again.
    Please enjoy your KK ^^

  • 2016-03-22

    Thanks teacher again today♪ Hehe, you were impressed that beautiful landscapes around our office? If possible, I'll share with you beautiful cherry blossoms in a week. You should look forward to it♪ haha, see you next soooon!

  • 2016-03-21

    Thanks teacher, I was also able to discuss business affairs with you feeling relaxed again♪ Teacher, you already have excellent talent! I'm looking forward to talking with you again! See you next soon!

  • 2016-03-16

    Thanks teacher I had a great fun again today! I feel your topic is always so interesting! Next time, shall we share with each other about something in Malaysia. I'll share with you wonderful local food next time. You should look forward to that, haha. Have a good day, you too! See you next soon!

  • 2016-03-10

    Thank you for your class! I have one request. I could not understand your question "How was leaving in USA so far?" Could you tell me some model answer?

  • 2016-03-09

    Thanks teacher for sharing with me knowledge about church. Your explanation was really excellent. I've been misunderstanding church is only a kind of solemn area. From now on , if possible, I'll try go♪ haha. See you next soon!

  • 2016-03-03


  • 2016-03-03


  • 2016-02-29

    Thanks teacher , I had a fun again today in your lesson! About Sleeping , I'm really interested in. i.e. methods of sleeping in. I'll examine better methods for you. Hahah. See you next soon !


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