callan method

Learn English four times faster than normal

Callan Method

The Callan Method is a groundbreaking English teaching method that is said to enable students to learn English four times faster than usual.
It is designed to encourage students to speak a lot of English through a unique approach to teaching, making it especially suitable for those who want to improve their speaking skills effectively.
Appointments are required as only teachers who have received formal training will give lessons.

  • mouth

    I can speak 4 times more than usual

  • person climbing stairs

    Gradual step up

  • english brain

    get an english brain

Teaching material consists of 12 stages

Callan Method textbook

The teaching materials consist of 12 stages in total, and you can feel the step-up step by step.
In the first lesson, we will do a simple "Level Check Test" based on the rules of the Callan Method.
The results will determine the stage of the next Callan Lesson.
Business callan course and callan kids course are also available.

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