Questionnaire Results / Voices of Members

We conducted a questionnaire survey for 100 members of Native Camp.
We will continue to strive to improve our services so that our members will be satisfied.

Questionnaire results

January 2018 survey

  • Would you like to introduce Native Camp to your family and friends?
    Questionnaire result about whether you would like to introduce Native Camp to your acquaintances. 98% yes, 2% no
  • Do you have a favorite

    Questionnaire results about whether you have a favorite teacher. 91% yes, 9% no

  • What is the appeal of Native Camp?

    Questionnaire results about the attractiveness of Native Camp. Take lessons now 60.4%, monthly fee 22.8%, Callan Method 11.9%, others 4.9%

  • How did you start English conversation

    Questionnaire results about the trigger to start English conversation. Hobbies 28.7%, Necessary for work 15.8%, Recommendations from family/friends/lovers 15.8%, Travel abroad 13.9%, Career advancement 8.9%, Others 16.9%

  • What was your English level before you started Native Camp?

    Questionnaire results about English ability before starting native camp. Beginner 22.8%, Elementary 22.8%, Intermediate 39.6%, Intermediate Advanced 12.9%, Advanced 1.9%

  • What is your English ability after starting Native Camp?

    Questionnaire results about English ability after starting Native Camp. Beginner 11.9%, Elementary 17.8%, Intermediate 43.6%, Upper Intermediate 22.8%, Advanced 3.9%

  • How often do you take lessons?

    Questionnaire results about lesson attendance frequency. Daily lessons 60.4%, 5 or more times a week 20.8%, 2-3 times a week 14.9%, Others 18.9%

  • What kind of lesson style?

    Questionnaire results about lesson style. Mainly now, sometimes reservation 43.6%, now lesson only 19.8%, Karan mainly, sometimes now 12.9%, reservation mainly, sometimes now 11.9%, others 11.8%

Member's voice

  • Image of a male member

    I mainly take Callan lessons, but all the teachers are very enthusiastic and serious, and I have rarely felt that I was wrong. I feel that the training of the instructors is thorough.

    Early 50's / Male

  • Image of a female member

    I can take lessons many times a day, so I can repeat them until I understand them, which is very helpful. I like the stories in the grammar material.

    Late 50's / Female

  • Image of a male member

    I use my free time at work or on the way to work to take classes. Native camp's lesson style is really helpful for me. I've always wanted to take English conversation lessons, but due to time and place restrictions, I couldn't take the plunge.
    It has now been two months since I took classes at Native Camp, and I am having a very fulfilling life so far. Thank you and I hope you continue.

    Late 40s / Male

  • Image of a female member

    I am grateful to have found a wonderful English conversation class.

    Early 20s / Female

  • Image of a male member

    Serbian teachers are good listeners, gentle, and I love them. When I introduced Native Camp to the people around me, they said, "You're a Filipino teacher," and that was the end of the story. Then they seem to be interested.
    The number of lessons may be small, but there are fans like me, so I would appreciate it if Serbian instructors could continue to exist.

    Late 40s / Unspecified

  • Image of a female member

    Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to speak English at home every day. I have a reservation, but it is amazing that I can speak English with many teachers without a reservation. I think it is an amazing system that cannot be compared with other online English schools.

    Late 50's / Female

  • Image of a male member

    I think it's the strongest online English conversation!

    10th generation / male

  • Image of a female member

    After gaining a certain amount of input through the TOEIC®L&R TEST study, I wanted to have an opportunity to output. When I was considering studying abroad for a short period of one or two weeks, I found Native Camp. When it comes to going abroad, the costs, physical strength, and procedures are all difficult, even for just two weeks.
    But with Native Camp, I really appreciate being able to have the opportunity to speak English while staying at home every day for a monthly fee plus a reservation fee. I've been interested in online English conversation for a long time, but I'm glad I took the plunge and started. The friendly Filipino teachers are also attractive. thank you very much.

    Late 40s / Female

  • 女性会員様のイメージ画像

    Thanks to the wonderful instructors, every lesson is enjoyable. Thank you.

    Over 60s / Female

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