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  • 2019-03-27

    Thank you so much.
    I hope to see you again.

  • 2019-03-26


  • 2019-02-18

    訛りは強いが訛りを勉強したかったのでbest teacher 文法も発音も積極的に直して教えてくれる

  • 2019-02-17

    Thank you teacher Sorrell!
    I hope to see you again!

  • 2019-02-16

    Lovely to speak to Sorrell as usual. I always have such a great time talking with this teacher. A sweet lady full of human warmth indeed. I love it when knowing my English is going a bit more advanced lately! Well.. The only 'HUGE' problem I've got with her,,, is the fact that I can't pronounce her name correctly, which makes me wanna cry! :,-( ​‎ Dear Japanese students, could you give me some tips how you're coping with this R and L please?? ;-) Please tell me guys! (bow) Thanks everybody!

  • 2019-02-15

    Hi Sorrell. Nice to see you again. Same as before, you kindly help me guide in clear-cut English. I really appreciate that.

  • 2019-02-06

    Every time I've got silly, trifling matters or questions in daily life, I feel like telling this lovely lady and hearing what she has to say as well. She just warmly accepts what I say and tells me lovely interesting stories as well. It really warms my heart. It also truly reaches my heart when knowing her big love and compassion for animals. She makes me feel it is worth trying my hardest and keeping learning new things. Sorrell - Thank you so much indeed for sharing your time with me :)

  • 2019-02-06

    It was lovely to speak to Sorrell as always. I am impressed with how helpful she was by helping me correct some of my essay today. She looked carefully at my writing and gave me really useful tips. I have learned a lot from the lesson, like to avoid run-on sentences and to be careful about using either singular or plural words in a sentence. ​‎Also, I have to say this - I bloody loved hearing her read aloud my akward English writing with her stunningly beautiful British accent! :-D

  • 2019-02-02

    Hi Sorrell. It's been a while. By the way, I agree with such a common sense that English used frequently by Japanese doesn't make sense to native speakers and the same is true of me. Your lesson is very helpful to improve my English. Talk to you soon.

  • 2019-01-30