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  • 2021-05-17

    Mel, I was amazed at how great you were at creating a warm atmosphere during our conversations! I had a wonderful time talking about our favorite stories and films. Simon Birch is a movie roughly based on a novel titled Prayer For Owen Meany. I love the movie because it's humorous, heartwarming, and moving. And I recently enjoyed the TV drama series Marvelous Mrs. Masel, too. Anne of the Green Gables and its TV drama series are also among the top of my recommendations. I hope you like them!

  • 2021-05-10

    Mel, what a wonderful conversation we had today too! I was glad you were interested in many aspects of Japan. Answering your questions and talking about my hometown, Hiroshima, was extremely fun. It might be great if, after your graduation, you will continue your study at a grad school in Hiroshima. It is a lovely city to spend several years as a student. I hope you are having a great time with your grandfather visiting you. Thank you for today’s enjoyable discussion. See you.

  • 2021-05-09

    Speak up in English受講。訛りなくクリアでとても聞きやすい英語だった.進め方も、発音や読みが上手くいかなかった箇所は再度トライさせてくれたり柔軟に丁寧に対応してくれた。

  • 2021-05-08

    Mel, good morning! I almost forgot the lesson appointment today because I had been busy translating an English newsletter into Japanese since 2:00 A.M. I was lucky to remember the class appointment with you soon after I had finished the translation. After all, I had a marvelous time talking about my fond memories of the beautiful winter mountains with you. Thank you for your excellent questions and for being a more extraordinary listener.
    I am looking forward to talking more with you. See you.

  • 2021-05-06

    Mel, thank you for having me today. It was great to meet you even remotely. I had a perfect time talking with you about some topics related to history, culture, and language learning, ie. You are so great at creating a warm and friendly atmosphere during the class. I felt very comfortable exchanging our thoughts. I was glad when I heard you say that your best method of brushing up your English is NativeCamp. Thanks for being an excellent model for my learning. Have a great day. See you.

  • 2021-04-14


  • 2021-04-13


  • 2021-04-12

    Thank you for lesson. I enjoyed your lesson.

  • 2021-04-09

    Thank you for teaching me English!
    My vocabulary increased by your lesson.

  • 2021-04-04



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