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  • 2021-12-15

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    We human beings are small existence in front of the Big Nature.
    I think we should respect Nature and not forget to be humble.
    The book said that we human beings are viruses for the earth,
    it is called GAIA theory. So sometimes the earth is getting angry and
    eliminates the viruses using their depuration like flood, tsunami or somethig.
    It is very interesting theory. How about that?
    I really enjoy the conversations with you about those kinds of things.

  • 2021-12-14

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    I can't believe I am able to talk about Buble Economy in English.
    Thank you to many NativeCamps teachers of course including you, my English level has improved well.
    And I'm amazing you understand immediately what I told you..
    You are very smart and have wonderful minds.
    Every time I had conversations with you, I am able to feel peaceful minds.
    Let's continue our Travel to the bright Future! See you next time.

  • 2021-12-13


  • 2021-12-13

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae-san!
    I've learned lots of important things about our LIFE from you.
    You are an amazing teacher. When I was your age, I never thought
    about LIFE deeply like you. I just spent time living my daily life.
    Compared with your age's me, you are a very smart and deep thinker.
    I'm so happy to meet a wonderful teacher like you. THX a lot.
    Please stay safe and see you next time.

  • 2021-12-10

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    I enjoyed the TV program again with you.
    Thanks for your explanation, my understandings of your country
    are deepened. I definitely want to eat Chinese food like Shuumai.
    And I'd like to go to the Chowking.
    Please have a nice weekends and see you next time!

  • 2021-12-10


    I had a Callan Stage 11 leeson with Amae today as well.
    She has a very gentle personality, so my heart is always calm.
    There is a very gentle atmosphere in her lessons.
    I was able to finish the lesson very comfortably today as well.

  • 2021-12-08

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    I’m very honored that we have similar minds.
    Balance is one of the most important things in our World.
    Only we human beings judge it as good or bad.
    But if we see things from eyes in the sky, it really doesn't matter, I think.
    Anyway, every time I have conversations with you, you make me
    lots of important things awaken. Thank you so much and see you next time.

  • 2021-12-07

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    I'm so happy to share talking about our favorite music.
    And thank you for introducing one of your favorite music.
    I love the first one's lyric ' king of kings'
    Anyway, music is able to help us to have happier LIFE.
    Please enjoy Music LIFE from now on! Ok, see you next time.

  • 2021-12-06

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    It was one of the impression lessons.
    Thank you for encouraging one of my decisions.
    Yes, I did the right thing, because I don't have much time to share with
    those kinds of terrible takers.
    I'm so happy to have wonderful old friends and new foreign friends
    including you, teacher Amae!
    I'd like to have more important talks about our LIFE, see you next time.

  • 2021-12-04

    Thank you for your time, teacher Amae!
    Probably, you've been thinking various things always, I think it's one of the
    most important things in our LIFE.
    Some books said that Our Brain is one of the searching engines like
    Google or Yahoo.
    If you stop thinking, your brain stops searching for good things.
    If you do think about what else we should do for making things better,
    our brains are sure to search for better ways or something.
    That is the one secret of ' The Law of Attraction'.

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